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Adult Day Program

At Tate Behavioral we believe everyone can work. We provide Vocational, Behavioral, and Life Skills based assessments to determine appropriate goals and treatment objectives to build independence within the home, work, and community setting. Our goals are to reduce challenging behaviors that interfere with access to potential employment while building on skills that increase independence. 

Are you seeking employment?
Are you wanting to work but you don’t know what to do or where to turn?
Are you wanting more indepedence within your home or community?
Do you want to increase independence, self-management and meaningful access to your local community?


About the Program

Tate Vocational services can be provided to school-aged young adults seeking guidance during their transition process, as well as adults in need of functional and community-based skills.


Program Benefits

Tate Vocational services start with an individualized assessment to determine behavioral skills deficits, job related skills, job interest areas, and potential accommodations needed to access meaningful employment, independent community access, and life skills. Assessment outcomes then drive individualized goals and behavioral treatment. Additionally, individuals are assisted with connecting with local businesses that align with their current skills, and interests to provide meaningful exposure to potential employment.



Erica Nason, MA, BCBA, LABA
Direct of Adult Services

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