Tate Social

Our mission is to engage Tate clients with each other and their community. We believe that supported social engagement with peers can play a fundamental role in the development of our clients. Our social skills groups serve Tate clients who can benefit from a safe, structured environment to practice skills that transfer to home, vocational and other social environments. 

All of our groups are staffed at a 1:1 staff-to-student ratio by highly trained behavioral instructors with direct BCBA oversight and treatment planning. Current group offerings provide services for clients aged 6-15 who present with features of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
We support a structured, coed environment for clients who are accustomed to respecting the safety standards found in a setting appropriate for their age group. Our programs allow us to utilize community spaces to create novel experiences and intentional social and leisure opportunities that are a natural extension of their in-home programming.


Adventure Club

We believe in getting kids outside and into nature. From April to August we meet at Springfield College, East Campus and our clients engage in outdoor themed lessons like boating, cooking, or a day on the ropes course. Beyond social skills, this program targets individuals’ confidence, leisure skills, and new skill acquisition. Our summer culminates with an overnight camp out with our clients. 


Social Groups

While schools are in session, Tate meets weekly with clients to run different social groups in the community. This is thanks to strong and established partnerships with local organizations that support our mission to give our clients access to their community at large. Our social groups allow us to utilize community spaces to create novel experiences and intentional social and leisure opportunities that are a natural extension of their in-home programming. 


Summer in the Community

Although we go on field trips into the community throughout the year, summer is a season to have fun, so we take our social group clients in the community for every session! We visit local parks and museums, we go bowling and golfing, we eat out at restaurants and we go on hikes on local trails. We want to connect our clients with their own communities, with our intentional approach, we find that we are successfully introducing clients to novel experiences and healthy, well-rounded lives.


Recreation Experiences

When school is not in session, Tate has developed new programming opportunities to fill in that unstructured time that many families have to navigate.  With the creation of our Recreation Experiences, these full day offerings get our clients out of their homes for activity based programming in outdoor settings.  Clients experience block based sessions that expose them to different recreational opportunities that are planned intentionally to help to expand their world and their “things I like to do” lists. These Recreation Experiences aim to help discover the skills, talents, and interests of our clients that can later be implemented during in-home programming and naturally occurring leisure time.



Christopher Dillon
Director of Integrated Programming

Call: 413-779-4023, ext. 4