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Tate Community Programming

We believe that supported social engagement with peers can play a fundamental role in the development of our clients. Our groups provide opportunities to work on self regulation, functional communication, and additional social skills with the goal of transferring them to home, vocational opportunities, and other social environments.  

Tate Community Programming offers a number of social opportunities which focus on topics such as self-regulation, purposeful communication, complex problem solving and multi-perspective thinking. Practicing these skills, we work to build meaningful relationships across all environments and the people within them. Click the button below to enquire about Tate Community Programming and set up a free meet and greet with one of our department coordinators!


Social Skills Groups

Tate Community Programming (TCP) offers social groups to in-house and community learners in a safe, accepting space to practice new skills. TCP groups are for any aged learner who not only present with features of Autism Spectrum Disorder, but individuals looking to progress their social and communication skills. TCP works hand in hand with our Speech, Language, and Literacy department and helps with each learner's communication needs, providing additional tools for Functional Communication skills.

These groups meet once a week, and run on a 2 month “cycle” with a two week break between cycles. These two weeks are used for gaining additional learners, adjusting rosters, and planning new, fun activities!

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our Co-Coordinators to set up a Meet and Greet to join in on the fun! 



Tate Community Programming

Sarah Laushance



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