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Earliest possible specialized support for children showing signs of Autism and their families.

 We bring together the joy of learning and a commitment to science to help each child grow.

If you are concerned your baby or toddler may have Autism and
you are waiting for an assessment Tate Early Learning can help.

Tate Early Learning is a Free Parent-Training and Consultation Program for Families Awaiting Assessment for Autism

When young children have significant delays in speech, social interactions, and other early signs of Autism, every day counts. Many children experience long wait times prior to assessment and the start of comprehensive services. Early action can help jump-start valuable skills and improve long-term quality of life. Tate Early Learning offers the earliest possible specialized support for eligible children and their families.

Earliest Individualized Evidence-Based Support

Backed by the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, Tate Early Learning families learn how to create an optimal learning environment and promote child development through “play without pressure,” building communication skills, increasing flexibility and tolerance skills, and responding effectively to challenging behavior.
Interactive parent training sessions take place with your child in your home or in our clinic. Families work with a Tate Behavioral Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or a Lead Behavioral Instructor. Sessions are typically 90 minutes once or twice per week scheduled weekdays between 9 AM and 3 PM for at least 6 weeks.

Child Eligibility

  • Showing early signs of Autism as documented by a pediatrician, Early Intervention provider, or parent-completed M-CHAT-R/F screening tool.

  • Scheduled (confirmed date/time) for a diagnostic assessment with a Developmental Pediatrician, Neurologist, or Clinical Psychologist to discuss signs of Autism, or have submitted all paperwork to request an assessment (and are on a waiting list for an appointment).

  • Available for consistent weekly parent-training sessions with at least one parent for 6 weeks or more in your home or in our clinic.



  • Free services while you await an Autism assessment:

  • Our weekly individual parent training and consultation program is free to your family while you wait to find out if your child will be diagnosed with Autism and become eligible for comprehensive insurance-funded services.

  • Services end when:

  • The child is diagnosed with Autism. At this point, we can provide referrals for comprehensive services from Tate or other providers. Services may continue while waiting for Tate Behavioral insurance-funded services to begin.

  • The child is not diagnosed (was assessed and did not receive a diagnosis). We will offer one final consultation session and provide appropriate referrals other services as appropriate.

  • Spots are extremely limited. There may be a wait list.

Compassionate Science
Tate Early Learning is progressive ABA with heart.
We work hard to create and maintain learning environments where children are happy, relaxed, and engaged while they learn important skills for life.



Kelley St. Clair, MA, BCBA, LABA

Executive Clinical Director


Call: 413-779-4023, ext. 3

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